About Me

Growing up in northern Indiana helped develop an appreciation for the outdoors and all things natural. As a child, I would piece together the stems of weeds and flowers, adding leaves, pine cones, shells and other things to make jewelry or headpieces that we all would share and wear. As I got older, this childhood fascination continued and I find myself scouring the ground, beaches, plants and trees for treasures; often loading my pockets almost to the danger point of bringing my jeans to my knees.

I’ve always been interested in art and crafting. Dabbling in different media off and on through the years, one thing has remained consistent; friends and family have always urged me to take things to a higher level, start creating things on a more consistent basis and make them available to a wider audience.

I finally bowed to all the prodding and started R. Joaz Gallery. It is a true delight for me to design, create and make available the visions formed after viewing and handling the materials used to produce the designs offered online, at art shows and in my shop on Etsy.

I love the smooth softness of woods, the warmth and creaminess of river washed rock, the earthiness of natural stone, the cool/smooth feel of glass and the shimmer of crystals, the glimmer and sheen of metals, the suppleness and texture of yarns, the smell of leather… I could go on and on…

I sincerely hope that you take as much delight in my creations as I do creating them for you. I put a great deal of care into all my hand cut, handcrafted stone cabochons and jewelry designs. I strive to use high quality natural materials, and vintage findings. (Yes I love antiques and vintage items as well!)

I love hearing from everyone and welcome suggestions, requests, and yes even critique.

Warmest Regards, Jeanie